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Friday, 29 July 2011

Modern Technology and Movie Plots

....Directors have no problem getting an audience to believe in ghosts, vampires, succubi, extraterrestrials, poltergeists, gremlins, wizards, giant worms, latter-day dinosaurs or rustic werewolves who seem to have unlimited access to steroids; all that is deemed perfectly logical and believable. But it is impossible to get anyone to believe that a character in a horror film or thriller would not be armed with the technology needed to foil the depredations of his rampaging, bloodthirsty stepfather. This is the impasse to which technology has brought us.

I read this in an article about how modern technology has affected the plot structure of films and thought it was quite interesting. How so many films would not have the same affect on it's audience if set in today's technologically advanced world. I was impressed with one persons response to the article:    
Taxi Driver,
Rather than mope around his flat bored and lonely Travis would either become an obsessive facebook stalker or use the internet to reach out to likeminded individuals.. in fact that would make a good film in my opinion! the resultant bloodbath would be awesome.. thats if Travis could be bothered to leave his flat rather than getting bogged down in internet porn or spending his days arguing with people on youtube.

Travis Bickle, send friend request?

Can anyone think of any other good examples?

Thanks for reading, Chris.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

New Film Buddy

Axl the Axolotl 

My amazing and hard working girlfriend Shelley(blog) never makes it to the end of the movies we watch without falling asleep so I decided to get a new film buddy, Axl the Axolotl. Unlike my girlfriend he never complains about my film choices (he has better taste than her) and with him being nocturnal he has the same sleeping pattern as me. He seems to have a real interest in what is going on in the room around him and I already feel we have a bond. He is the coolest. Take it easy everyone and I'll probably end up posting about him again sometime.

Submerged Mad Max toys in the background

Axl doing an impressive impression of Predators sperm

Friday, 15 July 2011

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lenses For My Phone Camera!

Whilst browsing the web three or so weeks back I came across these beauties, two detachable glass lenses for your phone camera. One fish-eye lens and one combo macro and wide angle lens, needless to say I ordered them right away. I just thought they were the coolest things ever and I still do after receiving them through the post yesterday. My Nokia N8 is an amazing camera phone which I had already used a lot but now with these two bad-boys on my key ring at all times along with my 'Big Six' six-hole blues harp I've got unlimited entertainment in my pocket every time I leave my house.

Camera Phone Lenses

Here are some photographs I took with my phone yesterday, all manipulation and effects have also been done on the phone itself. They are all untouched with my computer. 

Macro photograph of condensation and guacamole on a plastic lid. 

Macro image of a crossbow bolt tip

Lomo effect of a Bee and flowers

More lomo



Part of my keyring (macro)

Ten pound note (macro)

Sweet wrapper (macro)

Dashboard texture (macro)

Ten pound note (macro)

Ten pound note (macro)

Fish-eye flowers

Had to sneak a self portrait in

Shelley's hamster (Fish-eye)

Shelley's eye (macro)

Shelley's cat 'Socks' (fish-eye)

Fish-eye paw

Socks a.k.a. Skraghead (fish-eye)

I'm really happy with my lenses and I think my first day of using them was a successful one as there are some good photos in there, let me know what you think and take it easy, Chris.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

First attempt at making a 3D gif image

Thought I would try messing around with making a 3D gif image using just my phone camera (Nokia N8) and Photoshop. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out and will certainly try making some more in the near future.
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