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Saturday, 16 July 2011

New Film Buddy

Axl the Axolotl 

My amazing and hard working girlfriend Shelley(blog) never makes it to the end of the movies we watch without falling asleep so I decided to get a new film buddy, Axl the Axolotl. Unlike my girlfriend he never complains about my film choices (he has better taste than her) and with him being nocturnal he has the same sleeping pattern as me. He seems to have a real interest in what is going on in the room around him and I already feel we have a bond. He is the coolest. Take it easy everyone and I'll probably end up posting about him again sometime.

Submerged Mad Max toys in the background

Axl doing an impressive impression of Predators sperm


  1. Axl is very cool looking! I love the toys in the background.

  2. He's a bad ass, eats anything you put in front of him. He's currently regenerating three of his legs at a rapid pace, I think his siblings ganged up on him when he was younger.

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