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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

At home my girlfriend's never been the best at choosing films, ninety percent of the films she buys or picks end up being disappointing, she falls asleep and I end up stuck watching them through to the end. She's a horror fan and I've always liked a good horror film the difference is she can get drawn in by a gory looking DVD case or a grisly sounding title and it takes a little bit more to rise my interest. Just being gory or having some random loud noises to try and make the audience jump doesn't do much for me. Last night she convinced me to go and watch Paranormal Activity 3, it doesn't usually take me much convincing to go to cinema but in this case I hadn't seen the second film which I thought might effect my understanding of this one. I needn't have worried as there was very little story at all. Obviously as I have not seen the second film and honestly remember very little of the first film in the series I will not review the trilogy and instead look at the film as it's own entity. What can I say? You can change the venue but you cant change my girls luck when it comes to picking films, needless to say I was disappointed and judging by the groans at the end of the film across the cinema, I wasn't the only one. The film starts off slow, moves along slowly, slows down a little, stops for a break, sets off again but then trips over and the credits roll. I may come across as harsh but put it this way, my girls a jumper, when we went to watch Insidious she was flying above or hiding under her seat more time than she was sat on it. That was what I call a good horror film using suspense to create real fear in the viewer. Paranormal Activity just didn't deliver in any way, there were times when she was bored and she jumped only a handful of times at the stock sudden loud noises, I half jumped once, again at a sudden loud noise.

When trying to find something positive to say about the film a few things where OK, I did generally like the male characters in the film and the Bloody Mary scene is the strongest of the whole movie by far but there is just so much wrong with the rest. I may be a little bit more tuned in than the desired Paranormal Activity fan-base but I couldn't believe how easy the end was to predict, not so subtle clues throughout trying to be clever but failing completely. In fact I thought the whole movie was predictable. The Mother character was such an idiot by the second half of the film you just wanted to shake some sense into her, actions with no apparent consequences where a common occurrence which really gets on my nerves.  Maybe it's just me, getting cynical in my not so old age. My 14 year old brother and his friends liked it but then would he have been cool if he had said he hadn't? I guess if you like the other Paranormal films there will be no stopping you but to everyone else who's not sure, save your money and go watch a film worth watching.

Also I was planning on putting a trailer for the film at the end of this review, but pretty much every shot in the trailer was not in the film! What's that all about? I checked twice to make sure I was watching the right trailer on IMDB it's ridiculous, especially as the trailer was more enjoyable than the film.

Let me know what you thought of the film and don't be afraid to disagree with some or all of what I've written, I wont take it to heart.  


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