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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Colour Correction for '99 Forever'

After shooting '99 Forever' directed by Olivia Young I gave her the footage to put together a first edit which she then gave back to me to colour correct. Using manipulation of the camera and lights we filmed all the shots with a warm feeling to set the mood for the film. This did not eradicate the need for colour correction however as some of the shots needed to be slightly altered to help them match. Once I had matched all the shots to a standard I was happy with I then played with 'master effects' covering a large number of shots at the same time to help improve the visual mood of the film.

Colour correcting on Adobe After Effects CS5

Before/After - I decided the original footage was too red in this shot.

Before/After - I added more warmth and colour into this shot.

Before/After - I intensified the colours in this shot and increased the contrast.

Overall I am happy with my colour corrected version of the film and I hope Olivia the director is too.


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