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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Degree show Photos ( I know they're a little late)

Here are the photographs from our degree show held at Fruit Bar in Hull on the 2nd June 2011. As you can see we got a pretty decent turnout and to our pleasant surprise we got an amazing reaction from the audience. It was a brilliant night and I couldn't have asked for a better conclusion to our course. You can see below that we were a small class and therefore a small crew and the results we achieved, to quote our external examiner, were beyond all expectations. What's next for us all? I do not know,  excited would be an understatement.

Future Classics (The class) - Me, Michael Hirst, Shona Singleton, Tom Lee, Olivia Young, Adam Hill

Me and my beautiful girl Shelley

Control Station

The Screen

The Audience 

Audience and displays on the back wall

Also check out this good review of the evening and films.

(All photos taken by Tom Lee on his Canon 60D)


  1. You did so good that night, everyone did! I love you :) xxxxxxxxx


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