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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Final Year Cinematography Show Reel

A rushed compilation of some of my work over my final year of a film degree. Criticism is welcome but don't be too harsh, cheers. I have a few months to wait for my results but I am confident I will pass to a decent standard, the external examiner liked my work. Guess I should start asking myself what's next? A couple of week relaxing in bed watching films sounds good.

I've had to compress the video file for uploading purposes resulting in a lower quality video, however I hope you can still get a feel for my work. The Roses at the start where part of a lighting experiment trying to recreate the look of practical lighting using studio lights and the horse rider footage was a project in colour correction, it was originally really desaturated and blue. The rest of the shots are from the short films 'Unrest', '99 Forever' and 'Perfect Pygmy'. Information on these films can be found in earlier posts including the full version of 99 Forever.

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