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Friday, 17 June 2011

I Saw The Devil

A couple of nights ago my girlfriend brought around a copied dvd her Mum had bought, we don't usually watch copied films as I'm against film piracy but the title intrigued her as she's a horror fan. I hadn't heard of the film before so I had a quick look around the internet and found mostly positive reviews so we decided to put it on. I've watched a few badly dubbed films but this one took the biscuit, truly ridiculous. Ninety-nine percent of the time bad sound or dubbing in a film means it gets turned off in my house but I could see there was something different with this film. The intro was shot so beautifully and pretty much every scene was lit so interestingly thereafter, I could put up with the bad dubbing easily. The basic storyline of the film goes as such, a demented serial killer murders the wrong guy's wife. The widowed husband' a 'secret agent' captures and tortures the serial killer only to release him and do it all over again and again, until the supposed hero starts to become a monster himself. The narrative is ok but at times it seems to be simply used as a device to get from one brutal torture scene to the next. Some of the scenes are brutal in content which is generally not what I go for but the beautiful and often creative cinematography made this film stand out to me. 

Screen shots from the intro

My favourite shot in the film

Overall I enjoyed I Saw The Devil and I would recommend it to all but the faint hearted, without doubt the best 'torture' movie I have seen. (Just a shame about the bad dubbing)

If you've seen this film let me know what you think.


  1. Well that certainly is intriguing, especially that last shot.
    But I found these kind of films near impossible to watch, so I doubt I'll be watching this one. Just a bit to extreme for my taste...

    Nice post though.

  2. Thanks Jack, definitely not the easiest to sit through but worth it if you can.

  3. pity I fell asleep! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I'm not squeamish, so I'm going to give this one a look for sure. Heard only good things about it. I'll avoid the dubbed version, however. I avoid them, because I always prefer the original language.

  5. It is a cool film and I wish I hadn't seen a dubbed version.

  6. woow I've seen more than ten times
    I now see the dubbed version: S
    I hope it's great ^ ^
    I have in the computer and dvd uncut
    Excuse my English:)
    great blog


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